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EFSA launches post-market monitoring program on food additives

For the first time since 2008, the EFSA has officially launched a post-market monitoring program of the use/presence of (all) food additives in (all) foods at the level of the EU. The open call for occurrence data was launched on March 25th 2021.

The deadline under which ‘National food authorities, research institutions, academia, food business operators and other stakeholders are invited to submit analytical data on food additives.’ will last until 1st October 2021 (opening is officially 15th April).

All food additives are covered: all colors, all sweeteners and all miscellaneous (not sweetening – not coloring) substances. In some instances, it also covers substances used upstream in incoming material(s) to food additives or other food ingredients. All food categories are apparently covered, although not specified.

More information is available on the official EFSA page, here.

It’s my (personal!) bet that official control authorities (at the border of and on the EU market) and national food safety agencies will increase their level of scrutiny on additives in the coming months. They will mostly likely focus on the compliance of the presence of food additives in foods, particularly any additives they believe represent some “risks” to exceed MLs and then exposure.

Preservatives, antioxidants, synthetic and mineral pigments/colors, intense sweeteners are generally the ones first targets.