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Support the food industry from the stage of innovation projects up to regulatory aspects linked to the placing on market

Innovation is not just about creativity and speed, it is also about being well supported.

Our Expertise

Experts in innovation in the food and feed area

Food Law Science & Partners is a boutique law firm expert in food and feed affairs, established in 2021 by Katia Merten-Lentz, who leads a team of lawyers and scientists acting in synergy to better serve the customers.

We specialise in food innovation in particular, but our expertise covers the whole range of areas in the EU food and feed regulatory affairs, including food safety and litigation.

Whether in the field of novel foods, food enzymes, food additives or feed materials/additives, we can handle the preparation and submission of authorisation dossiers.

We are also involved in the process of developing new marketing concepts or products, by highlighting the opportunities and obstacles of the legislation.

We have created a network of food lawyers outside the EU, and can therefore offer our customers the opportunity to meet their needs outside the EU.

Food and feed law

Food Law Science & Partners advises customers on all matters relating to the EU food and feed law:

  • Assessment of the regulatory status of foods and food ingredients
  • Advice on positioning of foods and food ingredients
  • Production and traceability
  • Marketing concepts and labelling
  • Food fortification
  • Food supplements
  • Food hygiene, food contaminants
  • Pesticide residue levels
  • Food and feed exports and imports

Risk assessment & management

We help our clients understand every aspect of food safety and how it relates to their business, as well as respond and fulfil their obligations.

Our in-house scientific and legal know-hows enable us to carry out upstream risk assessments, or assessments in the event of an incident or request from the authorities. We can also advise you on risk management, whether for your own products or for imported ingredients.

Incident & crisis management

From both an operational and reputational perspective, food safety is often our clients’ most pressing concern.

If you are faced with an incident or crisis, Food Law Science & Partners is able to move quickly to provide legal advice that protects your interests, ensures you are responding in the correct manner from a legal and scientific perspective and helps limit any potential damage.

We can help you set up an effective crisis management team, and we can advise, within a short timeframe, on how respond to questions from the national authorities or to a challenge in the context of a RASFF notification.

Our team is indeed regularly dealing with recalls or other disputes or legal actions.


Our scientific team provides clients with the technical and scientific  assessment and input required for regulatory compliance matters required in all areas of food and law. Our food lawyers and our scientist work in synergy to provide accurate responses to our clients’ needs in the very technical areas or food and feed regulatory affairs.

We use this technical and scientific expertise to:

  • Prepare and submit authorization dossiers, e.g., on novel foods, food enzymes, food additives, feed materials and additives. This can also include the literature search and the monitoring of toxicological studies.
  • Assess the nutritional values and other properties of your products, notably in the context of assessing their regulatory status.
  • Evaluate incidents and crises, perform risk assessments and provide advises in this context
  • Analyze your food and feed relation to labelling and marketing claims
  • Drafting technical reports for various uses
  • Compiling and presenting data and scientific findings in litigation and arbitration
  • Providing analytic data and reports for lobbying and advocacy

Industries Served

Food & Feed

Food Law Science & Partners’ practise extends to all areas of food and feed law. We advise and support our clients with cases pertaining to food and feed production, supply chains, traceability, marketing, labelling, safety, regulations, new entries into the market, etc.


The legal and regulatory framework for cosmetics is complex. Food Law Science & Partners can support clients with legal counsel relating to cosmetics law. From safety to marketing, notifications, use of nano-materials, claims, ingredients and labelling, the team can support you in all areas.


Food Law Science & Partners’ expertise encompasses elements of environmental law. The team regularly works with clients in cases and matters that are related to the environment, waste, recycling, sustainability and so on.